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Afghanistan 11: a new counter-insurgency game

Published on September 27, 2016

Afghanistan ’11 builds upon the very successful Vietnam ’65 and brings its original formula to the desolate mountains of Afghanistan, where the US armed forces, assisted by the local Afghan National Army, fought for years against an invisible enemy.

Afghanistan ’11 isn’t your standard wargame: if you want to win it won’t just be about eliminating the enemy on the battlefield, but you will need to conquer the Hearts & Minds of the locals by ensuring safety to villages, isolating and eliminating Taliban leaders, training the Afghan army and building and protecting infrastructure.

Logistics and organization will be extremely important as the Talibans, tribal militias and drug lords will attempt to thwart your efforts with sneaky ambushes and terroristic attacks – the enemy plays hide and seek and could be everywhere and only the most skilled strategist will manage to win the war in Afghanistan and help build a modern nation.


Want to know more? Please visit the product page.

The game is about to enter its beta testing phase, and we could use your help. Feel free to apply here.

And let us know what you think and your first impressions are on the forum, here.


Afghanistan ’11 is coming on PC and Steam in Q1 2017! Stay tuned for more news on the site and the forum – there’s a lot more to say.

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