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Are you looking for good Tutorials? Stop here!

Published on March 03, 2020

How to use Air Support?
What's the best use of Electronic Warfare?
What is Unit Proficiency?
Where is the option to change specific ammo?

If you are new to the world of CMO/CMANO and feel intimidated by the huge amount of details to master, fear no more as youtuber P Gatcomb is creating a full series of video tutorials covering the above and many other topics.

Kudos to P Gatcomb for this incredible work!

This is the link to the whole Playlist

Here below some specific links:

C:MO Basics with Baloogan and P - Scenario and Overview

C:MO Basics with Baloogan and P - Layers and Map Settings


CMO Scenario Editor Tutorial


Command: Modern Operations Close Air Support Tutorial


Command: Modern Operations Tutorial - Electronic Warfare

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