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Fantasy General II - A look at Skirmish mode

Published on September 02, 2019

Skirmish Mode in Fantasy General II is a catch-all term for any map you can play independently of the campaign against the AI.

Map sizes, resources, army strength, budget, Experience amount and even speed can be determined as can your setting and faction. Want to play an Empire vs Empire struggle with hordes of Undead and Golems obliterating each other? There’s your chance!



We have provided a number of pre-generated Skirmish maps with specific themes and challenges as well as win-conditions, but you can always use our procedural generator to create them completely from scratch, determining the kind of environment you want to choose. From a mountain-less river plain to a number of narrow valleys surrounded by steep cliffs or a gentle forest region in the borderlands with a mysterious walled city hidden in the mists.



You can also determine the amount explorable locations such as caves or ruins and the number of settlements. Make them few and far between or dial up the number of monsters roaming the area for a wild swamp-stomp. Or create a mountain valley filled with Harpies and their minions, like we did with our Harpy Invasion Skirmish map!



And if THAT is not enough, you can go on and use our editor to manually create maps including enemy spawns, missions and even magical item rewards and other factors.

Skirmish will bring you and endless amount of challenges and gameplay fun limited only by your creativity!



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