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Fantasy General II - The minor factions

Published on September 03, 2019

The main factions in Fantasy General 2 have quite a deep and extensive unit roster to pick from – around 30 units excluding heroes and thus there are a lot of choices to make.

But not every enemy or allied faction in the game has that variety – there are a number of minor factions on the map that may work with or against you. Players can gain access to them in the course of the campaign and they consist of colorful fantasy creatures that enrich the setting.



The three minor factions in this campaign are the Harpies, Centaurs and Lizardfolk – each consisting of 4-5 different unit types with a specific strong theme. While the major factions have themes as well – as described in our Vlogs on the Empire and the Barbarian faction- they are wider and more generalist.

Minor factions can usually do one thing exceptionally well, meaning they are more situational with a pronounced strength and weakness. Take the Lizardfolk, for example.


Encountered in the Sunken Lands, they have two major assets: Being amphibious (moving in water quickly and able to hide below the surface) and having magical attacks, making them dangerous ambushers even for heavily armored units .Thanks to their witch doctor and swift movements, they can really disrupt your army quite efficiently. They are especially deadly in their native swamp lands, but useful for any map that has a lot of water! The LIzardfolk have their own story and background stemming from FG1 and associated with one of the leaders you could play there and their own settlement types as well. Allowing you to harvest Liquid mana from raiding them!



In the other factions, Centaurs are heavy cavalry troops with exceptional mobility and bow range and harpies are flying units able to charm males or drop poison bombs on your heads. Each of these factions has a home and excels in certain areas, so it can support your main faction in a specific role or pose a particular challenge to your tactics. As always, they come with their own background and motivations as well as a role they play in the larger scheme of things.

Some even have their own heroes – such as the Harpy Queen Arylis or Tirea the Swift, proud leader of the Great Herd, who is renowned for her skill with the composite bow.



Lesser factions add new variety and a welcome dose of extra fantasy to the mix and you will meet them frequently throughout the world, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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