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Field of Glory II Community Content available!

Published on October 17, 2017

The possibilities are endless, and community members have already created a bunch of scenarios, campaigns and mods. Downloading them is the easiest thing on Earth!

The game has its own built-in mods system that allows mods to be downloaded directly into the game, so the only thing you need is to click on the “Download Community Content” button in the upper left side of the Epic Battles or Campaigns screen.

Check out below the list of user content currently available! Get more information about the game from its official Product Page!

Field of Glory II is on Discord and Facebook too! 

But the news is not over, as we are going to play the game on Twitch today at 4 pm CEST!


Community Content

Created by Paul 59


-          Battle of Heraclea 280 BC (Pyrrhos vs Romans)

-          Battle of Thermopylae 279 BC (Galatians vs Greeks)

-          The Elephant Victory 273 BC (Seleucid king Antichos I vs Galatians)

-          Battle of Apollonia 220 BC (Seleucid king Antiochos III vs Molon, rebel governor of Media).

-          Antiochos the Great Campaign (“short” version with 10 battles)

-          Antiochos the Great Campaign (long version with 15 battles)


These included modded units and unit textures.


Created by By Odenathus


-          Battle of Philippi 42 BC (Octavianus & Mark Anthony vs Brutus & Cassius) (SP & MP versions) 

This includes modded Roman field fortifications.


 Created by By Das123 (DasTactic)

-          Dastacticles Euteubor Campaign (Graeco-Bactrians vs all of their neighbours. Semi-historical campaign).

(DasTactic is also doing a youtube series based on this campaign, check it out!)

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