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Shadow Empire AAR - Part I - A Megalopolis in Ruins

Published on February 24, 2020

This is the first part of a very articulated AAR, in which you'll find a clear example of Shadow Empire has to offer and what challenges to expect from the game.
Life is hard after the Apocalypse!


On the planet of Vovorum Luminosa[1], at the beginning of the 308th year after the Galactic Apocalypse, arose the Regime of the Fivetown Empire.

A small and warm planet, Vovorum Luminosa had been classified as Siwa[2] and had proven to be a vastly successful and popular colony of the Galactic Republic.

At its height it hosted 4.4 billion souls, crammed into vast megacities that covered the great plains.

One of these cities was the original metropolis of FiveTowns. As one of the initial settlement locations on the planet, this area had originally played host to five competing corporate colonies. Over the course of time, these colonies grew, competed and fought with each other, each of them eager to grow in commercial might and wealth.

As more and more colonists arrived however, the colonies eventually began to overlap and merge, leading to the founding of the FiveTowns council, a meritocratic system which promoted the interests of its civilians through a strong bureaucracy and community activism.

When the fall came, it was devastating for all of the peoples of the vast Galactic Republic and FiveTowns was no different. Chaos and Starvation were rife and the population of Vovorum Luminosa collapsed down to a mere 2.2 million people.

Now, most of the old metropolis is in ruins, but the bonds of the citizens in FiveTowns were strong and a core has remained organised and alive through all the depredations of the Apocalypse. Much of the knowledge of the golden age is now lost, and there is much to discover anew. With this in mind, the militia forces of the now Fivetown Empire are prepared to venture out to claim new territories and begin their revival!



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