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Published on May 10, 2017

Overextended Supply State:

There is now a new supply state that falls between “Supplied” and “Unsupplied”.  It’s called “Overextended”.  If used, it will allow a designer to realistically impede units from continuing to press on indefinitely at red unit-supply conditions.  Units in this state will have to slow down enough to keep their unit supply levels above their desertion levels – or wither away.

  • A unit is “Overextended” if it has a line-of-communications to a supply point but is far enough from any supply source to be in a hex with lower location supply level than the designer-set “Overextended Supply Threshold”.  For example, if that threshold were 6, then any hex with a supply level of 5 or lower would be “Overextended”.
  • The default setting for the threshold is 0 – making it impossible for any hex to qualify for the new state.  Therefore, only scenarios specifically edited for it will employ this feature.
  • “Overextended” units receive supply normally.
  • However, they also suffer desertion losses (see below) during the interturn calculations the same as if they were “Unsupplied” – except that those losses go to the “On Hand” pool, not the dead pile.  To review, such losses start when the unit supply-level drops below (100 - unit proficiency).  The percent loss per turn is scaled by turn intervals per week and by how far below the threshold they are.
  • “Overextended” units only receive replacements if they are not suffering desertions (their unit-supply level is above (100 - unit proficiency)).
  • “Overextended” hexes have a different supply font from the normal supply font in the supply display, for information purposes.

This shot shows the pull-down access to the Force Extended Supply Threshold.  (Note that it is a Force Parameter – each side has one).  You have to have the Force Editor active for these options to be listed:



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